Christian Escobar

Don’t be dependent of others,  figure out ways to take care of things on your own

I was born and raised in Sacramento. I have one older brother who is almost exactly a year older than me. After I stopped being the annoying little brother, we became inseparable. Now as adults, not much has changed. We often take road trips around Northern California and check out the breweries.

I was finishing up with school when I joined TEE. I came on as a drafter, and with the help of a great team of mentors I was able to begin my career as an Electrical Designer. Grateful to be surrounded by such a talented and intelligent group of people to continue grow and learn from.

One of the best perks of working here aside from coffee machine, is our amazing company parties. Everyone can get together forget about work for the night and have some fun.

Advice I like to give people starting out, Engineering is fun and challenging lots of problem solving involved. There will always be something new to you can learn, be patient and never stop learning.