Keefe O’Toole

“It’s not over until it’s over”

My favorite memory at TEE was troubleshooting a problem at a large data center facility that the big multinational engineering firms could not fix. My team and I were able to develop a solution and save our client money at the same time. 

I came to work to TEE years ago from a field engineer position with another company. I was given the opportunity to advance as an engineer and as a leader and now I’m a Principal. I appreciate the team we’ve built at TEE and the way everyone comes together on projects and shares ideas.

My favorite TEE project was a fast-track data center, where the client was turned down by several large firms telling them it could not be completed per the schedule or budget. We not only completed the project ahead of schedule, but also under budget. That was an amazing collaborative team, which is why it was my favorite TEE project.

My advice to new TEE employees, never stop learning. Always challenge yourself to improve.