Scott Wheeler

“Always give your all because you never know who is watching!”

The best part of working at TEE without a doubt is the people. Primarily my TEE coworkers.  I’ve been here for over 25 years and the folks I work with are like family.

Our TEE 40th Anniversary party is one of my fondest memories. This was a special milestone for the company, and it was made even more special because we hosted it at our Auburn office.

I have a ton of favorite projects!  My first project at TEE was the Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center with Rich Kenney as the Principal in Charge. Being introduced to complex electrical systems in a hospital facility was fascinating and one of the main reasons that I wanted to join TEE. Rich was an awesome, easy-going mentor and a joy to work under. The next one was the Barclays Data Center in Rancho Cordova. It was the first mission critical project that I managed. I worked under Chuck Shalley, which was always an amazing learning experience. Then, the first project that I did after opening our Sacramento area office was East End Office Complex, Block 225. This was a design build project and we acted as the engineer of record for Rosendin Electric. I still run into the people I worked with on this project all the time, which is a reminder of how important relationships are in our industry. This was my introduction to the State (DGS). Many of the DGS players are folks that I still interact with on several projects. But my all-time favorite job is the Sacramento International Airport Terminal B Replacement. This was TEE’s largest project ever at the time. It was a massive undertaking and was a lesson in how to manage a very large, complex project. Again, the relationships made on this project have extended to other projects like Los Angeles International Airport West Gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal as well as creating friendships with the design team that will last a lifetime.

I grew up wanting to be a professional baseball player. I had this dream until I got to Cal Poly and ate seeds on the bench during games. I also considered being an architect before going down the electrical engineering path. My dad was an electrical contractor, so I was exposed to this industry at an early age. When I chose electrical engineering as a major, it was to be part of the building design industry, which was not true for most of my college classmates.

It pleases me to be surrounded by individuals that are dedicated to our company and to working together. I am always amazed at the amount of collaboration we see internally. This is reflected when we have a deadline for a large project. We will sometimes see 15 – 20 people jumping in to help meet these deadlines. Many times, at least half of these folks are not working on this project on a regular basis but want to help anyway.

I am most proud of the amazing life that I have built with my wife of 26 years and the wonderful relationship that we have. I am also proud of our two kids, both who have grown into amazing young adults and who are both college engineering students.

With regards to my professional accomplishments, I am proud to have helped build a company that values employees and relationships above all else.