Brian Smith

“Better to be silent and thought a fool

than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”

As a child I wanted to be a carpenter, and although I took a different route and became an Engineer, I still enjoy woodworking. Reason being, I know I’m smarter than the wood and because I also happen to enjoy building things.

In my years of being here I have made lots of great memories, but the best ones for me have got be the weekly basketball nights we had because you get to the chance to beat your boss.

I started out at The Engineering Enterprise as a manual drafter, became a designer, then an Associate and finally a Principal in a span of 11-years. I must say I do miss being a manual drafter.

I love working for TEE, it’s never boring. There’s always the opportunity to learn something new. I have great team members that share the same willingness to continue learning and strive to get it done right.

Never say ‘no’ you can’t do something, because there’s always a way, which makes for a good learning experience. There’s good value in trying to figure things out on your own first and then ask questions later.

I am a proud husband, father and grandfather. Nothing brings me prouder in life than my family and their faith.