David Johnson

“Be confident in your skills and create your own path”

I love the family environment that The Engineering Enterprise provides. Everyone always has a voice, and they always feel heard and supported. Our TEE team is empowered to ask questions and to keep digging until they fully understand and develop a solution. Our employees’ refusal to settle for a mediocre design is something I value tremendously.

I started with TEE as a Lighting Designer and within a few years I began working on power design. I eventually made my way to being named an Associate and then a Principal. I recently moved to Santa Barbara with my family and opened a TEE satellite office to support our Central Coast clients.

It’s so exciting being an Engineer and working on projects that you can see and interact with. I love diving deep into a project and knowing it like the back of my hand.

Since starting at TEE, I have grown in my ability to take the lead on any type of project and feel confident in my engineering capabilities.