Charles Fekete

Do your best and if you still fail, at least you gave it your best effort

I have been at TEE close to 35 years, and I have grown in ways I never imagined possible. I started out in 1986 as a manual drafter and was given the opportunity to advance my career working as a Designer. I never thought I would make it 3.5 years let alone 35 years.

As a child I aspired to be a professional football player. I didn’t shatter records in the NFL, but I was awarded Athlete of the Year my senior year of High School. I still hold the school record for the triple jump 43 years later. 

The beauty of Engineering is that some projects are like working on a puzzle, you’re putting the project together piece by piece.

Being a TEE veteran, I would say the best advice I can give new employees is to invest early into your 401K plan.