James Smith

“Make it happen, shock everyone!”

My favorite memory here at TEE was visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) as a patron after it opened to the public. It was exciting to see the building complete and functioning knowing I played a small, but important, role in the design and construction of this amazing museum.

My favorite part about working at TEE is the excellent support team. Our Revit Department and our BIM technicians are all rock stars! The principals as a group are an incredible resource for anything related to electrical design and our engineers and designers have a wide array of experience, including some very interesting specialties that you won’t find at every firm. In general, everyone is willing to help to make sure our construction documents are always accurate. It’s a team first approach.

I started at TEE in 2014, right after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked in the Bay Area office for a few years until I left to do some traveling. I recently returned to the firm and am happy to be a part of TEE’s San Diego office.

I’ve switched careers twice; I worked in the wine business for over a year, then got back into Electrical Engineering, focusing on solar design. I am happy to be back at TEE, a place I consider home.