Jace Wheeler

“You never know who is watching, so give it your all always”


I was born in Palo Alto, California and before I could even walk, my parents moved us to their hometown of Grass Valley, California. Grass Valley is small but there were always plenty of things to do, especially outside. I loved growing up in a small town and being outside all the time, but for college I moved to Reno, Nevada to pursue a degree Electrical Engineering while still having the ability to experience nature and the city life.

I have recently picked up quite a few hobbies. After heading off to college, I was forced to cook for myself and as I end up doing with most things, dove in headfirst. I learned about food, including cooking many different things and going out and to appreciate different dining experiences. Recently my passion and love for clothing took new form when my grandma taught me to sew. I started making my own clothes and also putting my own branding on them with embroidery and screen-printing.

I starting work at TEE when I was 16. I have learned a myriad of hands on skills through doing tasks around the office like painting, demolition, and repairs. I have also been fortunate enough to learn an immense amount about the electrical consulting industry, power distribution systems and how to use Revit so I can draft my own electrical designs.

Working for TEE has always been an inclusive and learning forward experience. Coming into the company as a high school student was daunting, but as long as I maintained a proactive attitude, there was always someone willing to take the time to teach me something new that I could apply to my project work and expand my design capabilities. I have learned an immeasurable amount and that wouldn’t have been possible without the cultivated environment around learning at TEE.