Britney Caldwell

“Work hard and use your common sense”

Born and raised in Chico, Texas on family land that we worked on cleaning and improving my entire childhood. Most of my family is still in Texas, and my husband and I live a transit lifestyle. We split our time between our van, RV and sailboat.

TEE has been the best work environment I have ever worked in. Everyone’s commitment to wanting to provide quality work and a strong desire to help out our clients.

We once found a time capsule cabinet in the office. Everyone had fun learning what all the different tools were and what they were used for.

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive company, TEE allows their employees freedom to be themselves and provide out of the box ideas. They encourage us to ask questions and explore topics that peak our interest.

From a young age I was interested in Engineering. The ability to know how things work and having the capability to help people by coming up with creative solutions.