Andrew Godsil

“Under promise and over deliver”

I started working at TEE after graduating college in 2015. I worked on a variety of different projects, learning so much along the way. After three years I made the tough decision leave and move back to southern California and be closer to family. This year TEE expanded to LA and I’m so excited to be back! The office culture here is amazing. Everyone is very hardworking, friendly, and supportive.

I love vacationing in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a great blend of old/medieval and modern depending on what area of the city you’re in. The people were friendly, and I still keep in touch with some of them.

My fiancé, Sarah is an avid reader I am trying to keep up with her and read more. Currently my favorite book is The Song of Ice and Fire series. I still enjoy playing my video games and disc golf.

My first fantasy football draft I had never played before and Scott Wheeler asked me to join. I did terribly but that led to me starting a league with some friends the next year that’s been going for eight years now. And my Sunday’s have never been the same.