Deryle Rowe

“Take care of the company you work for and it will take care of you”

I was born in Lincoln Nebraska; Raised in Glendive Montana and Santa Clara, California. Some of my best childhood memories were the fishing trips I had with my uncle and cousins back in my first home state of Montana.

Every Holiday Season TEE hosts a family Christmas party. I love how they include our families in the festivities and make it special for the little ones. I have always enjoyed the parties, but none as much as the year my granddaughter was born and was able to attend the party with me.

Professionally I have grown into areas of design that I hadn’t experienced prior to joining The Engineering Enterprise. I enjoy all the people and the friendships that have come with it.

Over the years in my career, I have learned endless valuable lessons. I often share these lessons with co-workers who are just starting their career, or for the veterans that might need a little reminder. My advice is to take advantage of learning all new things that will enhance your career and of course…take a vacation when you feel you need it!